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Contact Details: Steve Flashman
+44(0)7950 000910

Once again, welcome to my website! The very fact that you are here suggests that you are as concerned as I am about the dire straights we are in as a human race.

Day after day we hear of yet more devastation caused directly by our mishandling of the natural world and the unnecessary plundering of its resources. Whatever worldview you represent, the fact is that we have behaved appallingly in the way we have misused the resources of our planet. I come from a Christian perspective, so I believe that God our creator has entrusted the natural world to our safekeeping. God forgive us!

Take a look around Green Lifestyles Choice and let me know what you think. The link to my online store, where I have tried to source eco-friendly merchandise, will open in a new link, so you can easily return to this page. We can all make a difference by saving the planet by choice.

“A lot of people are annoyed with TV at the moment. There’s too much nastiness, whereas The Repair Shop is all about making things good again. We fulfil people’s dreams. And when we do, they have such wonder written all over their faces.”
A Global Deal For Nature
Today nature is suffering accelerating losses so great that many scientists say a sixth mass extinction is underway. Unlike past mass extinctions, this event is driven by human actions that are dismantling and disrupting natural ecosystems and changing Earth’s climate.
Pioneers For Our Planet!
Wild land farming can change the environment, and the Knepp Estate is proof of this. By transforming agricultural deserts into something which is rich and bio-diverse, the amount of carbon locked in the soil can also increase, and endangered species can be…