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Sound dramatic? Sound over the top? Sound slightly on the edge? Good! So much happened during the Coronavirus lockdown. For many people, the challenges came thick and fast. We lost loved ones, lost jobs, lost the joy of meeting up with family and friends. This invisible enemy destroyed so much that was good and took on the whole world. However, something remarkable happened alongside all of this. The world woke up. Birds started to sing more clearly, dolphins jumped for joy in the canals of Venice and fish were seen in their thousands through clear water once murky and dirty because of pollution.
The people living in the northern parts of India saw the Himalayas for the first time in 30 years! Cleaner air, safer environment, no devastating fumes to suffocate the big city populations.
Ever since India has been locked down to control the Coronavirus, nature has surprised us by showing how well it has been cleaning the environment silently. The Times of india
There have been some remarkable developments in a relatively short space of time. The world has been coming back to life!


This is surely a chance of a lifetime to create a cleaner, safer more sustainable environment for our children and grandchildren to grow up in. Green Lifestyle Choices means exactly what it says. The choices we make in terms of the way we live will make or break our planet. This website is dedicated to my own decision-making journey as I think about my own lifestyle and the choices that I make. I want to explore a greener lifestyle, giving respect to the environment and the natural world so that we can have a more sustainable future. Why not join me on this journey of discovery, challenge and commitment.
Covid-19 stopped us in our tracks. Now we need to take action – Green Lifestyle Choices. I’ll be uploading a stream of useful tips and strategies onto these web pages as I take my journey. The things I learn on the way I will pass on to you. I’ll also be drawing on the expertise of people who have been banging this drum for years and know what they are talking about! They are not the whacky ones – they are the ones who saw this coming years ago, but no one listened. If we don’t listen and learn now, we never will. After all that the world has been through over these last months, we must take action and make the right choices.

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