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Pioneers For Our Planet!

There is an amazing experiment taking place near Horsham in Sussex, SE England.

Wild land farming can change the environment, and the Knepp Estate is proof of this. By transforming agricultural deserts into something which is rich and bio-diverse, the amount of carbon locked in the soil can also increase, and endangered species can be helped.

(All pictures courtesy of Knepp Wildland)

Cattle are commonly used in naturalistic grazing projects, acting, in effect, as proxies for their extinct ancestor, the aurochs. Hardy, traditional breeds retain the ability to survive outside all year round.

Old English Longhorn

The Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976 prohibits the introduction of wild boar into the project, so our Tamworth pigs have taken on the role of their indigenous forebear. An old breed, renowned for their hardiness, they have long legs and snouts, narrow backs, long bristles and a surprising ability to sprint for short distances as fast as a horse – very much like the wild boar.

Tamworth Pigs

We have three species of deer, red, roe and fallow. They are our browsers, each species have different browsing techniques and heights giving us a complex vegetation were different species of animals can thrive.


“Human beings are the greatest problem-solvers our planet has ever known. We are just yet to apply ourselves to thisproblem with the scale and urgency it requires.”

Sir David Attenborough, Davos 2019

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